Support the future of this global project…
… and help to create an interactive database as a platform for sustainable solutions!

The project “Heroes of the Seas” forms the basis with whose help people’s attention is directed towards my actual goal. The bundling of all activities for the protection and conservation of the worldwide marine ecosystems on a single website. A database on the Internet whose content can be individually filtered and whose categories are represented by visual content.

A place for learning and direct action. For there are already countless projects worldwide by people who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of our oceans:
Activists, scientists, young startups, visionaries, thought leaders and do-gooders.

The database gives them visibility and introduces them to people. We show the user how and where he can commit himself sustainably. On www.heroesofthesea.com all these ocean-relevant topics are treated, and in detail represented. In this way a gigantic network develops, which connects humans world-wide with one another. The common desire to save the oceans thus becomes the trigger for a global movement.

In order to push this project, we move a lot and generate attention. The book of the same name and the documentary film “Heroes of the Sea” which will be released in spring have already established themselves in the media. But we’ve got another one on top of that and while you’re reading this text, we’re already on our way to a unique promotion. In a rowing boat I will cross the Atlantic with two friends to set an example for this project. You will find the database under the attached weblink after our return. Until then you can follow us across the Atlantic here!