The Atlantic Crossing as our challenge.

The oceans as mankinds challenge.

With an iron will and a big vision we
will face the forces of the Atlantic Ocean.




The ever more dramatic state of health of our seas is a well-known problem of our society, which we urgently have to face! For this reason we draw people's attention to the ``heroes of the sea``. To those who are unconditionally committed to the protection of our seas and offer solutions as we can all participate in it. With the Atlantic crossing we form a bridge between the continents and thus clarify the globality of our concern. For we must all solve the problems of the oceans together!

„Heroes of the Sea“

A unique project that forms the background of the Atlantic crossing. A documentary about our oceans, their problems and the people who should be our role models to solve them. Climate change and plastic waste are just two of the many factors that have an enormous impact on all life in our oceans and therefore on us. In 2017, this project has already led my team and me to the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. At the side of the environmental organization ``Sea Shepherd`` we fought against illegal fishing and helped Andrew Hewett clean his coral nursery stations in the destroyed reefs of the Andaman Sea. We accompanied scientists in their work in Tanzania and environmental organizations in Norway in search of the disappeared orcas. In 2018, we visited research institutes, accompanied wildlife filmmakers and marine biologists in their educational work and documented the immense plastic pollution on the costs of Haiti, where another hero fights with his work against the littering of the seas. And precisely because we need these diverse solutions today more than ever, our documentation will illuminate the ``Heroes of the Seas`` and their work. Activists, scientists and thought leaders, who with their commitment and their ideas open up possibilities how we might still be able to save the oceans.


With our Atlantic crossing we want to give the impulse to no longer just watch, but to become active ourselves and finally act. Because every single one of us counts!

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